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GENCO Systems - Construction Managment Services

GENCO provides a full range of Construction Management services including project design phase services, project procurement phase services, project construction phase services, commissioning services, testing services, claim services, and post construction services. We cover the full life cycle of a construction project, ranging from pre-design to the post construction stage. We have provided cost estimating of project materials and potential expenditures that include an assessment of potential risks that are initially developed based on project manager’s historical knowledge of projects previously worked in that geographic area.

Our experienced Project Managers are highly trained to keep the government budget office informed of expenditures and remaining balance of funds to assure that funds will be there when needed so the project remains on-schedule. They also maintain constant communications with client providing project status and progress which helps to ensure client satisfaction. Thorough planning cost estimating, constant project communications and stakeholder involvement throughout a project’s life-cycle strengthens our ability to complete its project requirements on time and within budget.

We work directly for, and on behalf of the Federal client responsible for overseeing:
    1) new construction,
    2) repair and alternation of existing Facilities,
    3) leasing of facilities, and
    4) energy efficiency programs

  Our range of construction management support
  includes the following areas.

  • Professional Architect, Engineering & Design Services
  • Construction Management Services to include Construction Quality Assurance
  • Facilities Management & Planning: Master Planning Services & Space Management Services, Facilities Support Services
  • Environmental Services: Consultation on Environmental Compliance, Environmental Regulation
  • Compliance Evaluation, and geographical information support
  • Occupational Safety and Health Program Assessment and Compliance
  • Leased Facility Program Management Support Services to include Quality Assurance and Lease Compliance Assessments

Our staffing profile includes:

  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Licensed Professional Engineers
  • Registered Architects Quality Control Experts
  • PMP, and LEED, engineering

  • Architects
  • Cost Analysts
  • Scheduling
  • Construction Inspectors
  • Cost Estimation and administrative professionals

The main Federal Clients served with our expert Construction Management and Facilities Management Services include:

  1. GSA (General Services Administration)
  2. TSA (Transport Security Administration)
  3. USCG (United States Coast Guard)
  4. NPS (National Park Service)
  5. WHS (Washington Headquarters Services)
  6. ANG (Air National Guard)

GENCO Systems Inc.  13800 Coppermine Road, Suite 300  Herndon, VA 20171  703.234.2200