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GENCO Systems & the FAA

FAA has been a major client for GENCO as its principal has been involved with the FAA since 1984. GENCO has provided a wide variety of technical services to the FAA including systems/software engineering, requirements management, integration support, web development support, communications, database management support, IV&V, test and evaluation, training development, training support, air traffic facilities services, safety management support, acquisition management, and financial management.

Following is a partial list of our FAA involvement:

  • ATS Engineering and Technical Support

o Systems Engineering
o Training Development
o Maintenance and OTE Support

  • ETASS Support

o Safety Risk Management
o Program Analysis Support for TFM
o Mission Support Services
o Financial and Budget Analysis


o Systems Engineering Support
o Performance Analysis
o Design/Code/Test Analysis
o Requirements Management and Traceability

  • Technical Assistance Contract (TAC-2)

o Project Management
o Systems Engineering (ERAM and WARP)
o IV&V
o IDS Training Support
o Acquisition Management
o Facilities Support
o Safety Management
o Training Support
o Maintenance Support

  • ATOT- Support

o Budget and Financial Management

  • MASS ESSA Support

o ATC Specialist
o Budget and contract financing

  • AUATAC Support

o Web Support
o Cost Estimation
o IV&V and Software Engineering Integrated Terminal Weather System (ITWS)
o NEXCOM (Next Generation Communications System) Communication Engineering Support
o NEXCOM Multi Digital Radio System, Database Management Support
o NAS Infrastructure Management System (NIMS) Training Support

Significant Accomplishments
Listed below are a few examples of the how GENCO has supported the FAA's mission.

  • FAA realized cost savings of more than 1.5 million with our analysis support on proposal evaluations
  • Helped the FAA to procure development of two aviation weather systems successfully
  • Developed and delivered familiarization training on the Data Communications Trials Automation Platform (DTAP) to FAA officials with a system certification responsibility. The DTAP is a prototype that provides the FAA an early demonstration of an FAA Next Generation (NextGen) capability; replacing the delivery of departure clearances (DCL) and revised DCLs by voice with advanced automation using Controller Pilot Data Link Communications.
  • Developed a national FAA Web-based course on the Information Display System version 4 (IDS-4) to provide training to Air Transportation System Specialists (ATSS) who perform maintenance on and certify the system. The IDS-4 provides Air Traffic Controllers managing traffic in the terminal domain a consolidated display of weather, local airport references and procedures.
  • Developed and delivered familiarization training to FAA certifying officials on the Wake Turbulence Mitigation for Departure (WTMD). The WTMD is an air traffic tool that enables Heavy and Boeing 757 aircraft to be the leading departure aircraft without restrictions imposed by current wake turbulence rules on adjacent closely spaced parallel runways
  • We were Key resources in acheiving In Service Review/In Service Decision (ISR/ISD) for the Aeronautical Information Management Modernization Segment 1
  • Contributed significantly towards Safety Management Services for the Federal Aviation Administration (Washington, DC)


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